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What is the biggest fear affecting Car Buyers in Singapore nowadays?

Surprisingly, it is no longer about buying a Brand New or Used car with major mechanical defects because all these concerns have largely been successfully addressed by the Lemon Laws.

Instead, the biggest fear of any person(s) wanting to buy a New or Used car in Singapore are losing their deposits and having their new car repossessed by the bank or financing company because the car dealer / parallel importer failed to repay loans taken out on the cars and the ownership of the vehicles they bought had not been transferred to them. These errant and rogue car dealers / parallel importers will simply shut down their companies, walk away from all the mess created by them and leaving Singapore car buyers in the lurch. This is only possible because they are Private Limited Companies and the company director(s) get away Scot free only to reopen another new car dealership within a few months and start baiting a new batch of unsuspecting Singapore car buyers again. Remember Cars Today and Volks Auto?

So what’s the solution to this widespread problem? The solution is Simple. You should ONLY buy your New or Used Car from an honest and reliable Singapore car dealer and parallel importer who sold hundreds of cars for over 20 years under a Sole Proprietorship with an excellent financial health report. This is the ONLY way to ensure that you will have a zero risk of losing your deposit and having your precious car towed away by financial institutions without warning.

A smart and prudent car buyer will be eager to know if such car dealer / parallel importer really does exist in Singapore. Well, as a matter of fact, I do know of just such an exceptional car dealer / parallel importer as I have been buying all my new and used cars from him for the past 19 years. You buy a car from him in full confidence that the new car will be delivered promptly and its legal ownership properly transferred to you when you take physical possession of the car. You can avoid being a potential victim of rogue car dealers / parallel importers by not risking your hard earned money with the other 99.99% of Singapore car dealers and parallel importers out there who hide behind the legal protection of a private limited company.

Call, SMS or WhatsApp Me (David) at 96192648 to learn more about this remarkable Singapore Car Boss and fix an appointment with me to visit his car Showroom and view all his cars which are listed exclusively on this website. Upon request, legal documentation from Govt. bodies and financial institutions are available on site to authenticate the Sole Proprietorship and credit worthiness of this one of a kind Singapore car dealer / parallel importer. Unlike most other car dealers / parallel importers, if you are are purchasing a Used car from him, you are permitted and even strongly encouraged to send the car that you would like to buy to VICOM / STA for an independent assessment on its condition before negotiating on the price!

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