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About Me

Welcome to CarBuyer.Sg 🙂 I started this website to help my best friend to promote his New and Used cars in return for a modest referral fee (you definitely get a better price because there is no salesman commission for him to pay) and also to provide Car Buyers in Singapore with an absolutely 100% risk free alternative when buying a New or Used car. For the longest time, I had been advising my best friend to convert his car dealership from a Sole Proprietorship to a private limited company but he never gotten down to making the switch even though he is fully aware of the huge risks involved in not separating his personal assets from his business.

Unlike the other 99.99% of car dealers operating in Singapore, he rarely borrows money from banks and finance companies to purchase his cars because he has substantial working capital backed by high value physical assets. His car showroom, car garage and warehouses are all fully paid up and as far as I am aware, his private residential properties’ market values are well in excess of any outstanding mortgages too.

So if anyone knows of any other financially secured car dealer operating in Singapore under the same circumstances, please do alert me as I would gladly sing his or her praises in here too because they are the only car dealers/parallel importers who should be deserving our business. They are prepared to put their money where their mouth is, a level of commitment that is almost unheard of in an industry filled with lots of black sheep!