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Buy or Rent a Car, Image is still Number 1

There are many well-written in-depth articles on everything you need to know about buying a New or Used car in Singapore. They generally paint an overall negative picture given that car ownership costs in Singapore are among the highest if not the highest in the world.

This then begs the obvious question. Are there any viable alternatives?

Renting a car be it New or Used (Pre-Owned) without incurring a deep hole in your pocket is now a reality given the sheer numbers of Private Hire Cars on our roads these past few years. If you can afford the time to drive a couple of hours every day and do not mind the social stigma of being seen as a second rate pirate cabby, you do get to “enjoy” a “free brand new car”.

However, there will always be others who shudder at the thought of being seen driving a Car with the prominent Private Hire Labels on the front and rear windscreens marking them as wannabees chasing after the 5 C’s and failing miserably at that goal. We are after all an Asian society where face still does matter to a certain extent.

Conclusion? If LTA hadn’t step in to regulate the Private Hire industry in 2017 and made Pte Hire car decals mandatory, it would certainly have made renting a car in Singapore a much more viable alternative for those who wanting the use of a car.